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A friendly visitor
kitten, stray_cat, pets
She loves to bathe in dirt. Luckily she doesn’t chew or bite the plants, just the dirt around them
cat, cats, love, caturday
~British Family~ (Cap.247)
Feral cat tormenting the locals. No cat tax required.
funny, mildly_amusing
Negotiations went deep into the night, but a Peace Accord was finally reached between Dusty and Muffin.
inspiring, veterinarian, kindness
“[A colleague] brought him into the clinic to me and she was really worried, she said ‘he seems to have a lump on the side of his body,'” she told ABC news Australia.
wtf, birds
Crows going absolutely apeshit in our trees this morning. Went outside to find out what all the squawking was about. Voila. Took me a while to find him/her. Pretty big. (it's a barred owl for those wondering).