Median lethal dose (LD,,) is a way to measure the lethal dose of a toxin or pathogen or radiation. The value determines the lethal dose required to kill 50% of a population.
The median lethal doses of snake species' venom have been determined through testing on mice. While this is not 100% accurate measure of how lethal the snake venom is to humans,
Median lethal dose
(a lower number is indicative
it serves as an indication of how deadly the venom of these snakes are.
of greater toxicity)
Inlond, contral Avstralio 60.01 Tropical ocean waters 60.044
Tropical ocean waters
Dubois's sea snake
Lives at depths up to 262 feet, feeding on eels and fish around coral reefs
Inland taipan
Venom can kill a grown human being in as little as 30-45 minutes if untreated. It's estimated that one bite delivers enough venom to kill at least 100 full-grown men.
Austra, Popve New
Eastern brown snake
Extremely fast-moving; may be able to outpace a human running at full speed
Teiwon islands, Strait, Gulf Coral Seo islands, Gulf of Thailand,
'western Pacifie Ocean
60.067 60.079
Tropical ocean waters
Yellow-bellied sea snake
Has a distinct ability to swim backward
Peron's sea snake
The only sea snake with spines on its head
Coastal taipan
To kill prey, the snake freezes before striking several times. The prey is released and allowed to stagger away as the venom works, minimizing the snake's exposure to retaliation.
Hong Kong, China, Taiwan,
Many-banded krait
Local symptoms are generally minimal, consisting of itching and numbness.
Systematic symptoms occur within six hours, such as weakness, bilateral ptosis, and difficulty breathing.
Malayan krait
Untreated mortality rate of 70%
Eastern coast Peninsula, of M Peninsula, Brunei, ley
Indones,Fi Jopon
Black-banded sea krait
Forms hunting alliances in the hundreds to take down prey such as yellow goatfish and bluefin travally
60.131 ge >
Tropicol Indo-Pacitic
Black tiger snake
One study showed that 40-60% of untreated bites are fatal.
Beaked sea snake
Accounts for more than 50% of all sea snake bites as well as the majority of poisonings and fatalities
Middle East,
Banded water cobra
Venom of these species is not well-studied but is considered dangerously neurotoxic
Russell's viper
Bleeding from the gums and in the urine occurs within 20 minutes of the bite.
Severe pain may last weeks.
Saw-scaled viper
Venom can cause bleeding all over the body, including within the brain
Common krait
Venom induces muscle paralysis by targeting the synaptic clefts (the points of information transfer between neurons)
Southeastern United Stotes
'and Mexico
60.18 Central Asia 60.18
Central Asia
Caspian cobra
Antivenom is not as effective for this species as it is for other Asiatic cobras.
Mojave rattlesnake
Venom considered one of the most debilitating and deadly produced by rattlesnakes
Western tiger snake
Grows up to 6.5 feet (2 meters) long
Samar cobra
Extremely aggressive; will strike with little provocation
Philippine cobra
Can spit venom with precision up to 10 feet (3 meters) away
Forest cobra
If the snake is cornered or agitated, it will inject more venom through its bite, leading to rapid death.
60.28 60.29
Chinese cobra
Necrosis can persist for many years following a bite.
Black mamba
Bite can cause a human to collapse within
45 minutes; respiratory failure and death follow in 7-15 hours
Monocled cobra
Severe cases of envenoming may cause death within 60 minutes.
Eost Africa
Cape cobra
Produces a thick and syrupy venom that dries into shiny flakes
Eastern green mamba
Cases of fatality within 30 minutes have been reported.
Common death adder
Fastest-striking venomous snake; can
'envenom prey within 0.15 seconds and be ready to strike again
60.45 Australia 60.47
Western brown snake
Bite can lead to rapid death by cardiac arrest, kidney failure, and cerebral hemmorhage
Indian cobra
The venom of young Indian cobros is abused a drug in India, with snoke charmers being paid to provide bites from their snakes. Symptoms include loss of consciousness, euphoria, and sedation.
en org
Venom causes death by cardiac arrest, kidney failure, or cerebral hemorrhage
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