• "The S.W.E.A.T. Pledge"
(Skill & Work Ethic Aren't Taboo)
Ubelieve that ha
alk the
'Ye won the greatest lottery of all time. Lam alive. I wal
Earth. Live in A
merica, Above all things, am grateful am entitled to life, libe
2 believe that
am entitled to life, libe
Valso understand th the same thing
tty, and the pursuit of happiness. Nothing at "happiness" and the
and the "pursuit of happiness" are not
3. believe there is no such thing as
"bad job.
asa "bad job.
believe that best of them.
and it's up to me to make the
best of them.
Ido not with "follow passion my and passion." enthusiasm Tbring it with me. be ve that any job can be done
with passion and enthusiasm
all jobs are
deplore eans debt, than and borrow do all moi can to avoid it
would rather live in
than borrow money to pay fora lifestyle can't afford
a tent and eat
belie at my safety is my responsibility
t my safety not is my responsibility necessarily me Tunderstand ger that being in
I NOT necessarily mean I'm out of danger elieve mC the cheerfully best way to distinguish volunteer for every myself crappy at task work is there is to show up early, stay late plaining.
mC cheerfully volunteer for every crappy task there ig
Thelieve will ne the most ke annoying sounds in the world are whining and com, will ne ke
plaining. 1 hem unhappy in my work
melee them, am unhappy in my work will either f
ind a new job, or to be happy
Ubelieve success. that lam my education resolved to le is my as respx much nsibility, as I can and from absolutely whatever critical source is to my available
Lam will resolv to learn as much amd can from understand whate ver source is available tome. be) will never stop learning, and understand and that library cards are free.
Plame anyone the for credit ny shortcomings something or the do challenges I face. And I will never willl af something I didn't do nnt the the world is not fair and I'm OK with that. I do not rese
88cess of others
Some all people are created equal. also believe that all people m:
off oose to work ny butt
Some choose to sleep in. Ich to work
oose to work statements to be an
Uhereby affirm the
Ove statements to be an agey promise to live by them.
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