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Anonymous No.59994811 [Reply] 59995090
>tfw i havent showered since sometime in june
>dont even remember when
>havent slept since monday night
>dont even do drugs just unironically sz
>its only
>got banned on wizchan and sad about it
>here i am now and its awful
>just want to sleep
think ill finally take a shower and then make some food. Im going to make some easy mac. I dont know what im going to do after that. Normally dont like talking to other people but idk im just sad i guess. sorry for the blogpost, just kinda lost right now I suppose.
Anonymous No >259995648
>>59994811 (OP) based lil ugly mane enjoyer. take care of yourself bro. you deserve it <3
C) Anonymous 09/ No.59995648
File: 1276949C-EF8. jpg (159 KB, 750x1000)
Making the mac and cheese now, pretty hungry for once so im excited, its been a long time since ive eaten anything. I I still dont know what to do later, im still not tired unfortunately. Oh well at least theres food, maybe ill play some megaman. At least i feel clean now which is nice, i feel a little better, still sad though
= >>59995090
thank you
Anonymous No.59995730 >>59996211
hope you get better fellow ugly mane fan
Anonymous No.59995911 >>59996211
zack if you need me ill try to become a gamer again
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