• Different Ways To Say
28. Want 'me to scratch your back?
1. 2, Putjour seatbelt on 28. Went me to scratch great your back? t's Did get you food sleep well?
2, Diive safe you get home 29, You'll do great you Did you well?
Textme when you get home 30. Im Have happy you for eaten you today? 57, To the moon my and back
\isaved you a piece take yourmedicine 31. 32. Have you me eaten more today? 58, 59. You're I'm my favorite you
5, forget take yourmedicine 32. Tell me more 59. I'm here for you
6. How can I help? for you 93. I got you something 60. I believe in you
7. 8. Hiiwarm up the car for me you Ill walk you home of you 61. 62. Do you want a bite?
8. This song reminds me of you 95. Saw this and thought of you 62. Do you need a ride? you lately
You good? my friend got you food my finsta 63. 've been thinking of you lately
10. You're my best uch frend you! 97. illlet you follow my finsta 64. Wanna talk about it? of
11.1 have uch to tel you! 38. Stay little longer yo 65. This song reminds me of
12, Did you sleep good? Let me carry that for you 66, Sweet dreams to tell You
13. miss so you, of you 40.11l come with you 67. I have so .much to tell You
14, 15. !'m so proid of you 41. Here's my passcode 68. Bye, drive safe
15. You did itif walt 42. made you coffee 69, You can have the
16. 17. I'll wait for you 43, Do you want my jacket? do without you
17. Sweet dreams. 44. I made you a playiist
18. Thank you flight 45, Do you want the last p hoode
19. 20. Have a safe flight land 46, Get some rest \made you breakfast
20. Text me when you land 47, leave the fights for you 75. go tyou go
21, What do you want from Taco Bell? _48, fold my friends about you 76, Should we leave this party? do the dishes tonight 77. \ have a surprise for you
78. Are you warm enough?
a dream come true
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